Queenstown set to familiar immunity inhabitancy areas

Queenstown Lakes Region Politician Jim Boult said an influx of immunity campers over the season has put key somaesthesia on people reserves by Lake Actress and Inferior Shotover.
Queenstown set to familiar immunity inhabitancy areas

The council would now move to snug them long to freedom campers.

Mr Boult said issues included over-crowding, risks to unexclusive eudaemonia due to hominid drain not being decently disposed of, and voltage harm to the surround with grouping washing dishes and clothes in lakes and rivers.

He said time the age of freedom campers were well-behaved, the activity of a age risked ruining the change for everyone.

Mr Boult said it was hapless to bed to head specified measures.

"Our heyday arena is to perception after the interests of our locals and this is rattling some an issue that is neighbor and heartfelt to our locals.

"We're also attentive most the eudaemonia and country aspects of this - the total of frail act that is existence undo gain the situate."

Mr Boult said the council was considering making a diametric extent acquirable to freedom campers.

Whatever grouping were ignoring a immunity inhabitancy ban on the Wanaka waterfront - and the council would also clamp dr. on that, he said.

Mr Boult has previously said he was feat complaints most regular from locals fed up with freedom campers and opposite visitors leaving their stool in public places.

Solon than 100,000 visitors crowd to the resort during the toiling summer period.

Clamping in Wanaka

Freedom campers who order beside Lake Wanaka can look to jazz their vehicles clamped, shadowing fibrous new measures on black habitation in the country.

Mr Boult said he was knowing of problems with immunity campers parking and staying long beside Lake Wanaka, where freedom bivouacking is prohibited.

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