Plymouth man completes 20,000-mile pub project

A man has driven a sports automotive across twenty one countries, beginning at the foremost northerly pothouse within the world and finishing at the foremost southerly.
Plymouth man completes 20,000-mile pub project

Ben Coombs, 38, from town in Devon, drove 20,000 miles across 3 continents from the polar circle to the southmost tip of Chile.

It took him seven months to finish the challenge.

Mr Coombs delineate the ultimate pothouse as "a dive", however aforesaid "it's the journey that matters, not the destination".

The idea for the journey came whereas he was having a pint during a pothouse on Dartmoor.

The journey started on the Norwegian island of archipelago in Associate in Nursing abandoned mining settlement referred to as Pyramiden, that encompasses a population of 4.

Mr Coombs aforesaid finding the north bar "was a simple inquiring process".

"Pyramiden is a smaller amount than 700 miles from the pole, is that the north settlement on earth with a permanent civilian population, and has just one bar," he added.

"The residents all sleep in the sole building still functioning - the town's recent building - that happens to possess a still-functioning bar."

To find the foremost northerly and southerly pothouse, mister Coombs sought for commissioned premises wherever anybody may go into off the road and purchase a brewage.

Although there ar bars in continent they're placed on bases and don't seem to be accessible to members of the general public or don't seem to be commissioned, he said.

So mister Coombs sought for the southmost settlement outside continent, and discovered Puerto Williams in Tierra del Fuego, Chile.

From Pyramiden, mister Coombs drove his inexperienced 20-year-old TVR Chimaera, referred to as Kermit, across Europe to Southampton from wherever the automotive was shipped to big apple in August.

He then traveled across the us to California, before heading south to North American country.

A number of friends joined him for varied stages of the journey within the auto convertible automotive.

"Central America quickly passed below our wheels, before we tend to shipped the automotive round the Darien gap from Panama to Republic of Colombia," mister Coombs aforesaid.

"Then it absolutely was simply the little matter of Associate in Nursing eight,000-mile drive across Republic of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina to induce to the last bar on earth."

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